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About India Updates, And What We Provide!

News Trending News in India - What is news and typesIndia Updates is an independent news portal which provides news and information.

News and Information – When we say, we mean it! We do not try to influence your minds with our biased views. We only provide the information’s and reporting. News, Not Views is our motto and we stand by it.

We, at India Updates, provide news from authentic and reliable sources. Sometimes there are our feature stories and nice editorials which you may find interesting. Our website is relatively new in this world of information and we are here to provide quality news to our readers.

So, you at India updates provide News. Can you guys explain us what a news is? Do you know what a news is? Are You a journalist? Why have you made this website when there are tons of news website available there?

We know there might be tons of questions on your mind as you are trying to know us. Read patiently, we will cover each questions one by one.


Well we know that many of people or say almost all the people in the world know what news is, but many of them probably won’t able to tell you what exactly a news is.

What defines A News?

News Trending News in India - What is News

Any information or report about the current happenings in different regions of the world, country or city should be classified as a news.

A news can also be seen as the way of reporting that keeps us informed about the changing events and issues around us.

There could be many topics for news such as National, Politics, Health, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Sports and so on. Here at India Updates, we cover all those type of news. We try to cover all the trending news in India but apart from that we also cover some of the important world news.

To sum up, we should define the news as

  • Report of any recent event around us
  • Reporting of previously unknown information

What is the purpose of news or journalism?

There may be many opinions as what is the purpose of news, but to us the purpose of news should only be reporting of recent events of the matter that is newsworthy. We at India updates believe that the purpose of news should be only these.

  1. Provide information to people
  2. Reporting of social issues and events
  3. Report the event or issue in simple words

What are qualities of a Good News?

We always believe that news are information and that should be the main quality of news – Provide good and reliable information. However there are some top elements of a good quality news.

1. Reliable Information – Reporting some events, issue or an information is basically reporting news. The information that is being reported should be reliable and verified.

Apart from that there must be some details for the information such a who, what, when, where and why.

2. Importance – Well sometimes a piece of information can be very important to us but not to other people. We just cannot decide to report or not to report any events or an issue based on our interest.

We should always keep in mind our readers and audience. What are they looking for. What information of news they want and what information, reports or news they can benefit from.

3. Focus – Quality of the good news is the focus of the news. It should be limited and focused. Going into very detailed information is useful but not all the time. We should always try to report the news in limited and focused way.

Does ‘News’ actually stand for something? Is it an acronym?

Many of people sometimes claims news is an acronym and the full form of News is either ‘North East West South’ or ‘Notable Events, Weather and Sport’.

But that’s not true.

We believe there is no any full form of the word “News”. The word news is just a plural form of new and it was developed in 14th century.

As the name implies, ‘news’ typically suggests presentation of new information.

What are types of News?

News Trending News in India - What is news and types

News Report – Reporting news is a responsible and serious job. The news reporting should be neutral and responsible. The news reporting should cover almost most of the topics like Government, Politics, Business News.

Feature Article – Almost same as news report but there is a slight difference. News reports are generally about the information and happenings of recent past where as features can be of the late past and often includes personalities, phenomenon and the big process of economies and countries.

Editorial – Any newspaper of website should have an Editorial section. We at India Updates also have one. The main purpose of Editorial is to convey the idea and opinion of editors and journalists on current issues or news.

Letters to the editor – Newspapers or online news portals should include the section called letter to the editor. Many young journalists, students or people with writing skills takes this as an opportunity for showcasing their skills.

We have also started a new section where you can share the article and if we find it newsworthy and as long as it does not violate our terms, we will publish it

Reviews – Reviews should be there in newspapers of portals. Reviews are suggestions about anything.

Press Release – These are official notices by various institutions.

Sports News – News concentrating only about sports events and information.

Entertainment News – News that covers entertainment and topics like cinema, tv, celebrities.

What are News Categories?

News categories includes the following –

Print Media – News in physical and printable form such as newspapers and magazines.

Broadcast News – News that are broadcasting on Radio and Television.

Online News Media – News that are being published online in the form of online newspapers, blogs, videos, live news streaming.

What are some top print media in India?

  • Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd
  • Daily Thanthi Group
  • Dainik Bhaskar (DB Corp)
  • Hindustan Times (HT Media Ltd)
  • Jagran Prakashan Ltd
  • Malayala Manorama Co Ltd
  • Rajasthan Patrika Pvt Ltd

What are some broadcast news media?

DD News
Aaj Tak
Republic TV
Zee News
ABP News
News 18 India
India TV
Time Now
News 24
TV9 Bharatvarsh

What are some top news websites?

Here are some of the top news website of India –

Times of India.
India Today
The Indian Express
The Hindu
Business Standard
Outlook India
The Quint
Yahoo News

Some top news websites of world – 

Yahoo-ABC News Network
NBC News Digital
Huffington Post
CBS News
New York Times
Daily Mail
Washington Post
MSN News
New York Daily News
U.S. News

News Trending News in India - What is news and types

Do you people at India updates claim to be a journalist?

No, we do not make any such claims. We are not journalist. However we know what journalism is. We just try to provide users with news that are currently trending in India so that people can be more aware.

So, what are your goals?

We just try to cover as many as topics possible such as  Trending National News, Politics, Health, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Sports and so on

And our main goal is to provide news and not views.

Why have you made this website when I have tons of other websites?

First of all, we are seasoned blogger and have been been blogging for more than 10 years now. We have worked with several media companies and helped them design their website and achieve other goals.

What we always thought that was missing in the new websites, that they sometimes try to provide is with their views and knowingly or unknowingly they try to influence us. In this process proving information takes a backseat.

We at India Updates, try only to provide you with news and not views. We will provide you with all the information and will let you decide.

Also we know there are tons of information available. We will try to keep the news as simple as possible and provide you only the relevant and most important news.

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