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About India Updates, And What We Provide!

About India Updates, And What We Provide!

India Updates is an independent news portal which provides news and information. News and Information – When we say, we mean it! We do not try to influence your minds with our biased views.

We only provide the information’s and reporting. News, Not Views is our motto and we stand by it.

We, at India Updates, provide news from authentic and reliable sources. Sometimes there are our feature stories and nice editorials which you may find interesting. Our website is relatively new in this world of information and we are here to provide quality news to our readers.

Do you people at India updates claim to be a journalist?

No, we do not make any such claims. We are not journalist. However we know what journalism is. We just try to provide users with news that are currently trending in India so that people can be more aware.

So, what are your goals?

We just try to cover as many as topics possible such as  Trending National News, Politics, Health, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Sports and so on And our main goal is to provide news and not views.

Why have you made this website when I have tons of other websites?

First of all, we are seasoned blogger and have been been blogging for more than 10 years now. We have worked with several media companies and helped them design their website and achieve other goals.

What we always thought that was missing in the new websites, that they sometimes try to provide is with their views and knowingly or unknowingly they try to influence us.

In this process proving information takes a backseat. We at India Updates, try only to provide you with news and not views. We will provide you with all the information and will let you decide.

Also we know there are tons of information available. We will try to keep the news as simple as possible and provide you only the relevant and most important news.

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