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Important for men, women to be vocal about rights of girls: Manushi Chhillar

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Important for men, women to be vocal about rights of girls: Manushi ChhillarMumbai, Oct 11 (IANS): Bollywood debutante Manushi Chhillar, on International Day of the Girl Child on Monday, is using social media to create awareness about the need to be vocal about the rights of the girl child.

Manushi said: “I feel it is important for men and women to be vocal about the rights of girls. It is a fact that women have to work harder to get to where they eventually reach.”

She added: “Women have to take the power in their own hands and shape the perception of how a girl should view herself. It’s a world full of opportunities and stereotypes only act as shackles for a better future and a better life. It is time to shatter those stereotypes.”

Manushi is urging girls on the internet to freely express how they feel being a girl child and how they would like to be vocal for their rights.

She said: “I have always been vocal about equal rights for the girl child and on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, I will be using the power of social media to bring as much attention to this issue. I want to collaborate with fellow creative people to show the world how we perceive equal rights, and how we, as women, want to be perceived.”

Manushi, on the acting front, is gearing up for her big screen debut opposite superstar Akshay Kumar in the historical ‘Prithviraj’.

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