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Indian users sent 20 billion messages on Whatsapp on New Year’s Eve

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WhatsApp favourite tool for right-wing to influence votersNew Delhi, Jan 4 (IANS) Facebook-owned WhatsApp has revealed that during the 24 hours leading up to midnight on New Years Eve, over 20 billion messages were sent via the private messaging app in India alone.

WhatsApp has over 40 crore users in India.

Worldwide, a record-breaking 100 billion messages were sent via the private messaging app on New Year”s Eve.

In WhatsApp”s 10-year history, December 31, 2019, saw more messages sent than on any previous day.

WhatsApp data also showed that of the 100 billion messages sent, more than 12 billion were picture messages sent around the world on New Year”s Eve.

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It seems fair to assume that a very large number of the messages sent on December 31st were wishing someone a ”Happy New Year”.

The top 5 most popular WhatsApp features with its users worldwide over the course of 2019 were text messaging, status, picture messaging, calling and voice notes.

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