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ISRO to board merchandise market with its assets

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ISRO sets up academic centre for space in KarnatakaChennai, Jan 19 (IANS) India’s space agency Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has boarded the merchandise market with its logos and other assets.

According to ISRO, it has been approached for themes by several agencies interested in creating customised articles and handicrafts.

“Customized ISRO-theme based articles, models can play a game-changing role in creating awareness and kindling interest of the students, children and public, in the domain of space science and technology, propagating the achievements and laurels of ISRO bringing to the nation,” ISRO said.

According to ISRO, specific samples of identifiers, shall be catalogued and made available on its website. Parties/agencies interested in creating ISRO-themed merchandise items can make use of these resources after registration.

The space agency said it proposes to identify and authorise parties/agencies on non-exclusive basis on payment of a non-refundable registration fee of Rs 1,00,000 for the appropriate use of its themes, images or other design without causing any damage to the pride of the department.

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The registration is valid for two years. Parties’ wishes to renew the registration shall pay an additional non-refundable amount of Rs 10,000 for further two years. The active registered parties will be published in the ISRO website.

As to the terms and conditions ISRO said: “Efforts shall be taken to ensure accuracy of ISRO identifier, imagery, etc. on the product/article produced/marketed by the party.

— The registered party shall avoid use of unsavoury/obscene content/language.

— The ISRO identifier, imagery and others should not be on products such as doormats, slippers, or any such items, which affects the reputation/image of the organisation.

— Wherever 3D models and 2D drawings are being used to make scaled models, LEGO sets, jigsaw puzzle and others, extra care shall be taken to ensure accuracy and ISRO intellect.

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— ISRO reserves the right to conduct timely audits of the manufacturer’s products and even terminate the license agreement, over violation of the guidelines.

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— The rates for the merchandise shall be reasonable in line with market conditions, as there is no brand value charged by ISRO to the party, and

— ISRO is not responsible for the sale or after sale of the items, for the delivery, quality or damages due to sale.

According to ISRO, a registered party shall not sublet or share with another party ISRO identifiers. The primary registered party is liable for any damage. The party shall indemnify the department for any such damages.

Source: IANS

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