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Kailash Kher: Spiritual music is an inbuilt channel to be one with God

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Kailash Kher's talent hunt show 'Nayii Udaan' goes virtualMumbai, Dec 1 (IANS): Singer Kailash Kher has unveiled a spiritual song, and he says such songs are inbuilt channels to be one with God.

Kher says the song, titled “Satguru Meher Kar”, is a special one for him.

“When you truly surrender to the Supreme you get the real means of everything. All the doubt, confusion, toxic, worries vanish, and blissful joy remains. Spiritual music is an inbuilt channel to be one with God,” he said.

“Whenever a song comes to me, I do my style of recording and put my own emotions into it. I add Kailash Kher into it and that’s what my passion is because according to me, music is not just limited to entertainment. Whatever one line will come, I will make sure it becomes the highlight,” the singer added.

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The song has lyrics by Sameer Anjaan and music by Shameer Tandon.

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