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Make Centre single agency for vaccine procurement: Punjab CM

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Vacate Delhi, return to borders, Punjab CM tells farmersChandigarh, May 15 (IANS): Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday urged the Prime Minister to make the Central government the single agency for procurement and distribution of vaccine for 18-44 age group.

“Vaccination of the entire eligible population, especially in a pandemic situation, is the responsibility of the Central government as any non-inclusion can undermine the rest of the collective effort,” the Chief Minister said in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Citing the experience of the past three weeks, when various states “have been making their individual efforts to source the vaccine from domestic producers as well as from abroad,” the Chief Minister said the government of India (GoI) should immediately undertake sourcing of all vaccine, as a single agency.

The GoI should ensure vaccine distribution across all states and Union Territories through clinical establishment for proper vaccination of the 18-44 age group.

Amarinder Singh pointed out that he had even earlier suggested that, in view of the modalities of supply chain management, it would be operationally and financially most expedient if the entire procurement and supply of vaccine is done through the Union Government for all age groups, including persons in the 18-44 years group where the states have been allowed by the Centre to directly procure vaccine.

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