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Too much hand sanitiser can lead to severe hand dermatitis

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New Delhi, July 25 (IANS) Hand sanitisers have irrefutably become the most important thing in our lives to protect ourselves during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic; the other things include masks and social distancing. It has been a long time since hand sanitisers became mandatory; while they are effective in dealing with germs and bacteria, excessive usage can result in killing good bacteria as well.

Citing medical reports, alcohol-based sanitisers are considered effective in eliminating the spread of disease. However, there have been claims that excessive usage of the same has led to severe skin problems like hand dermatitis. People have also encountered skin issues like severe dryness, burning, and redness of the skin along with cracked or bleeding skin. However, both alcohol-free and alcohol-based sanitisers are known to provide good results as long as one adds-on these habits to save your skin from a any negative effects.

Dr. B.L. Jangid, Dermatologists & Hair Transplant Surgeon, SkinQure Clinic, New Delhi, shares some pointers to be kept in mind while using hand sanitisers:

Limited usage is always the best option

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Excess of everything and anything can be disastrous, so is the case of hand sanitizers. If used in a limited amount, it can be really fruitful in dealing with germs and bacteria. But if not, it can easily damage your skin, leading to the occurrence of hand dermatitis.

Unwanted chemical contamination in hand sanitisers

The presence of unwanted chemical contamination available in hand sanitizers can play a dreadful role if used excessively. The texture of skin depends from person to person, which is why the chemical ingredients present in hand sanitisers can accordingly be useful or even dreadful at times. This is why you need to take precautionary steps, avoiding to use excessive hand sanitizers.

Moisturising creams & healing ointment: Saviours from hand dermatitis

If in case you have using hand sanitisers for a long time now, your hands may start to show symptoms of hand dermatitis. Sometimes it’s best to quit using a sanitiser until it’s absolutely necessary. As a few home remedies, include using good moisturisers along with healing ointments. This could lead to blessing your skin with the right health and texture again. You can also opt for healing moisturisers containing aquaporin at night, wearing gloves overnight to heal the cracks on your skin.

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In case you’re suffering from eczema or dry skin, use of a moisturiser is an essential post-hand sanitisation to avoid any sort of major skin-based problems like hand dermatitis. Additionally, the usage of moisturiser eliminates the chance of dry skin that if present can lead to issues like eczema, dermatitis, and even psoriasis.

Soap & Water: An evergreen combination

Reportedly, washing your hands with soap and water preferred to the use of hand sanitisers. This switch can also prove fruitful in preventing allergic reactions depending upon your skin types. Thus, try using hand sanitisers only when there are no other options. Otherwise, antiseptic soap can do the trick along with wet wipes in situations where there’s no running water and soap. Simpler options are known to provide the best result for all ages.

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