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Caring for your workforce more essential than ever: Report

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Caring for your workforce more essential than ever: ReportNew Delhi, May 9 (IANS) With COVID-19 dramatically changing the way people live and work, it is now more important for managers to lead their workforce with compassion and care than ever, said a report from Accenture.

As people find themselves in an unfamiliar, fast moving global environment, “Responsible Leadership” has taken on an even deeper meaning, it said.

The report titled “Human Resilience: What your people need to know” highlights what workers need from leaders in three basic areas: physical, mental and relational.

“These needs apply at all times, but they are magnified in crisis. Leaders who rise to the challenge will help their people develop human resilience — the ability to adapt and engage through difficult times,” said the study.

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In terms of physical needs, people require help feeling they are empowered to do what is necessary to keep themselves and their families safe and well.

“Each organisation will have its own nuances. In a company with people mainly in physical locations, concerns might include no-contact service and wearing protective equipment,” said the study.

The insights shared in the report are based on the Accenture workforce research spanning over 15,600 global workers in 10 countries and 15 industries.

“Everyone might be worried about employment and a paycheck during the crisis. Asking early and often what people need or are concerned about will help your leadership team to determine your best actions,” said the report.

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In terms of mental health issues, the research pointed out that amid the changing working conditions due to COVID-19, consecutive hours of uninterrupted work may not be feasible as many people deal with disrupted elder care and childcare, difficulties securing essential supplies at home, and potential healthcare issues.

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“Managers have to evolve work rules for more flexibility, based on emotional intelligence and people”s individual needs. Educating managers on this sooner rather than later can help empower their teams to adapt,” said the report.

With regard to the relationship needs of workers, leaders should strive to provide them with a sense of connection and of belonging to something bigger than themselves.


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