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Giving each other space worked for Ricky & Sourav: Munro

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Giving each other space worked for Ricky & Sourav: MunroHe is considered one of the best T20 players in the New Zealand outfit, but Colin Munro played just four games for Delhi Capitals in this edition of the Indian Premier League. With scores of 40, 3, 14 and 27, Munro found the going tough. But being a foreign signing comes with added baggage. Even when you aren’t finding a spot in the XI, you must be available to interact with the youngsters and impart knowledge about the game.

Speaking to IANS, the Kiwi said that keeping a positive frame of mind and always looking to help the youngsters in the team is a must when you are an overseas professional playing in the IPL.

“You just got to try and pass out what knowledge you have from playing in the various T20 leagues around the world. Only 11 players can take the field, so you pass on the knowledge and make them a better cricketer. It is frustrating not playing, but you have a lot of work off the field as well. It is all about keeping a good attitude when you are not playing and help the boys out,” he smiled.

“Yes, very frustrating, but at the end of the day you can only play four foreigners and the conditions you are playing in matter in team composition. You just have to be realistic and cannot be negative. You have to turn up to training with a positive attitude.”

Giving each other space worked for Ricky & Sourav: MunroAsked what he did when he wasn’t playing for Delhi, the southpaw said: “Did a fair bit of gym work, cannot run as much as you like because you don’t want to overcook yourself because then if the opportunity comes for you to play, you go into the game being 70 per cent because you are tired. Staying mentally fresh is also important when you are not playing.”

While everyone has been speaking about the youngsters in the team and their brilliant display, Munro feels that credit must go to the whole team, including the head coach Ricky Ponting and advisor Sourav Ganguly.

“The players knew their roles and they tried to go out and execute what they had been asked to do. Guys went out and achieved their goals and as a collective unit also we did well. We peaked at the right time. The way they (Ponting and Ganguly) have interacted with the youngsters, they gave each other space and let each other work in their respective areas of strengths. They have allowed each other to be who they are and have also worked well with each other,” he said.


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