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Raghav Tiwari talks about his experience of shooting on wheelchair

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Raghav Tiwari talks about his experience of shooting on wheelchairMumbai, Jul 19 (IANS): Actor Raghav Tiwari, currently seen as the protagonist Aditya in the television show “Hamari Wali Good News”, finds it a big challenge to shoot in a wheelchair.

“My current track in the show requires me to be in a wheelchair. It was quite exciting but with time I find it challenging. Earlier I used to feel such a role doesn’t need much effort but I was wrong. I am sure they need more effort than the normal ones,” he says.

He also finds it heart-breaking thinking about the people who are wheelchair-bound in life. “After shooting, my heart goes out to people who are battling on a wheelchair. It might be so difficult for them. They are like all the time dependent on others,” he says.

Raghav adds he met his friend’s father to prepare for the role. “It was really heartbreaking to realise how painful it is to spend time on wheelchairs,” he says.

“Hamari Wali Good News” airs on Zee TV.

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